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Dive into the world of AI with our two-day virtual masterclass! Learn to harness ChatGPT for enhancing ministry practices, from crafting compelling sermons to innovative church marketing. Create a digital outreach avatar, enrich Bible studies, and revolutionize your written communications. This masterclass is a unique blend of technology and spirituality, designed specifically for pastors seeking to invigorate their ministry in the digital age. Join us for an experience that promises to transform your approach to church leadership and community engagement.

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The Details!

  • Five Sessions

  • Five Worksheets Bound into One Workbook

  • Permanent Access to the Recorded Sessions

  • And More!

DATES: February 7 & 8

TIMES: 9:00 – 1:15 CST Wednesday

9:00 – 11:45 CST Thursday

Cost: $197

Are you ready to revolutionize your ministry with the latest in AI technology? Join us for an exclusive two-day virtual masterclass that's set to transform the way you engage with your congregation and community!

What's in Store?

🔹 Tools of the Trade and Prompt Engineering:

Kickstart your AI journey with an in-depth look at today's cutting-edge AI tools, with a special focus on mastering ChatGPT. Learn the art of prompt engineering to unlock powerful, relevant responses that can elevate your ministry.

🔹 Building Your Church's Outreach Avatar:

Step into the future by creating a unique digital persona for your church. This AI-driven avatar will help you connect deeply with your community, offering personalized interactions that foster a sense of belonging and engagement.

🔹 Enhanced Office, Writing, and Bible Study Help:

Discover how AI can simplify your meetings, amplify your written communications, and build your Bible study materials. From captivating newsletters to insightful social media posts, AI is your partner in creating content that resonates and inspires.

🔹 Enhanced Sermoning:

Transform your sermon preparation and delivery with AI. Learn how to generate compelling sermon ideas, titles, and messages that strike a chord with your audience, all while maintaining your authentic voice and spiritual insight.

🔹 Marketing: The Most Fun You'll Have with AI:

Dive into the creative world of AI-driven marketing. We'll explore how AI can streamline your marketing efforts, from crafting stunning graphics to analyzing the impact of your outreach strategies.

The Details!

  • Five Sessions

  • Five Worksheets Bound into One Workbook

  • Permanent Access to the Recorded Sessions

  • And More!

DATES: February 7 & 8

TIMES: 9:00 – 1:15 CST Wednesday

9:00 – 11:45 CST Thursday

Cost: $197

MasterClass Content

Wednesday 9:00 – 10:15 Central

Session 1: Tools of the Trade & Prompt Engineering

  • ChatGPT, Dall∙E 3, Scribe.Soar

  • Plug-ins that Perform

  • Prompts that Get Results

Wednesday 10:30 – 11:45 Central

Session 2: Building Your Church's Outreach Avatar

  • Choosing Your Best Target Audience

  • Building Your Basic Outreach Avatar

  • Bringing Your Outreach Avatar to Life

Wednesday 12:00 – 1:15 Central

Session 3: Enhanced Writing and Bible Study Help

  • Using ChatGPT & Scribe.Soar in the Office

  • Scribe.Soar for Meetings

  • Using ChatGPT for Discipleship

Thursday 9:00 – 10:15 Central

Session 4: Enhanced Sermoning

  • Sermon Research and Outlines

  • Titles and Illustrations

  • Making Sermons Memorable

Thursday 10:30 – 11:45 Central

Session 5: Marketing: Fun with AI

  • The Art of Images and Illustrations

  • Making Events Count

  • Social Marketing Goes Viral

Two Bonuses

With Your Paid Registration, You Get:

  • Permanent Access to the MasterClass Recording

  • Bonus Admission Ticket to Share with a Colleague

Meet Pastor Scott

"We implemented the tools Bill taught us and we saw an immediate uptick in our visitor returns. In fact, now that we have some experience with it, we're consistently seeing an 86 percent return rate ... and of those who return, 75 percent of them join the church."

Meet Pastor Linda

"It's working, Bill! Doing 2 adult baptisms on Sunday plus receiving 22 additional confirmed (adult) members and 4 kids! Plus had 3 infant baptisms in the past couple months!
God is good and working through your plan!"

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